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Digtal Daur is Ludo Game Software Development Company that aims to offer best-in-class services to national and international clients and tries to meet all the requirements of clients. Team of expert developers and designers have an ability to provide quality game development service that enables you to enjoy the experience of childhood. Team of experts are multi-talented, they make a website that supports all the devices like Desktop, Laptop, iOS, Android etc.


Complete Features

Of Our Ludo Fantasy Game

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Online/Offline Mode

    Users can either play online against their friends or other players using the multiplayer mode or play offline using the local mode.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    User Practice

    Users, who are new to the game, can play practice matches available in the app to enhance their gaming skills for real-time matches.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Private Tables

    Users can form private tables with their friends and family members, where only the approved members can join the game.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    In-App Wallets

    Users can add money to their in-app wallets for purchasing bet points to play real money games.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Admin Dashboard

    The admin can manage the overall activities taking place in the app, using the intuitive admin dashboard.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Game Records

    The admin can manage and view all matches, both online and offline, that have taken place in the app.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Referral Programs

    The admin can offer bonus points to users for each successful app installation through the referral program.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    User Management

    The admin can manage the details of users registered with the app. They can also view the number of players who are playing the game at a specified time.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Payment History

    All payments made by users, along with their invoice details are displayed here.

  • Ludo Fantasy

    Create Sub-admins

    The admin can create sub-admin profiles to enable access to only certain operations of the app.

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